Vauxhall Trade Club

75W-90 SS

Semi synthetic gear oil meeting API GL-5

Trade Club 75W-90 SS is an extreme pressure, semi synthetic, multigrade gear oil meeting the API performance level GL-5. It is manufactured from high quality base stocks which have a high viscosity index and a combination of mineral and synthetic base oils and extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide a lubricant with outstanding anti wear protection. Efficient low temperature gear change and the high-speed protection afforded by this grade make it an ideal choice when problems have been encountered with the use of more conventional gear oils.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent oxidation stability and resistance to thermal breakdown
  • Very high levels of wear protection
  • Smoother gear change

Trade Club 75W-90 SS is recommended for highly stressed manual gearboxes in cars, vans, trucks, buses, agricultural, construction and industrial equipment.

199L – UKTGOB03
20L – UKTGOT03

How can I order?

To order Vauxhall Genuine Parts contact your local Vauxhall Trade Parts Centre. Use the Retailer Locator to find their full contact details.

Alternatively call the central Trade Club number 0844 840 8289

Delivery AvailableContact your local Vauxhall Trade Parts Centre for availability