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Genuine Vauxhall Clutch Kits

Genuine Vauxhall Clutch Kits contain a Clutch Cover and Driven Plate which are precision matched for both quality and material specification to ensure a perfect fit, first time.

Each component carries an GM logo and id number. This is your guarantee that the parts you are supplying or fitting are manufactured to the highest quality standards in GM approved facilities. They are the genuine article.

For an extended service life, optimum feel and smooth gear changes, insist on fitting a genuine Vauxhall Clutch Kit.

Technical Tip

Misalignment is one of the most common causes of clutch failure.
If clutches have not been correctly aligned, they will judder and / or fail to disengage immediately after fitment.

The clutch should always be fitted using the appropriate tools and then checked for correct alignment to the flywheel.

Make sure that the clutch cover is located on the dowels correctly and then tighten the mounting bolts gradually and alternately in a diagonal sequence.

Lubrication should be limited to a fine film using a good quality grease with a high melting point. Remember – excessive (as well as insufficient) greasing can affect the performance of a new clutch.

How can I order?

To order Vauxhall Genuine Parts contact your local Vauxhall Trade Parts Centre. Use the Retailer Locator to find their full contact details.

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