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Brake Kits

Vauxhall Trade Club Brake Kits take the hassle out of brake replacement. Genuine brake kits are more cost-effective than buying the individual components. Not only that, they are easy to order and provide a complete service solution, with pads matched to discs in the box. OE precision discs provide great performance with minimum noise and extend the life of the pads - this cannot be guaranteed when mixing genuine and non-genuine.
For perfect fit and performance, never compromise on this safety-critical component.

Why buy Genuine Brake Discs?

  • Genuine plate thickness providing maximum life and resistance to failure.
  • Genuine material/ carbon composition, as originally fitted.
  • Genuine vane size maximizes cooling and proper harmonic design.
  • Genuine air gap correctly dissipates and absorbs heat.

Quality guaranteed.

Aftermarket brake pads sold in Europe have to conform to ECE-R90 regulation which specifies design, construction, and performance requirements and test protocols for replacement brake pads and states that replacement brake pads and brake shoes are permitted to deviate from the frictional characteristics of their genuine-equipment counterparts by no more than 15%.

All components used in Vauxhall brake kits are designed for each specific vehicle and approved by Vauxhall engineering and are guaranteed to pass the most stringent Vauxhall testing standards.

Vauxhall brake pads have to pass strict engineering tests.

  • Strict laboratory tests, including friction level, compressibility, heat transfer, shear strength and swelling tests. 

  • Exhaustive road tests, including performance tests for brake fade and stopping ability and rigorous Alpine testing at the Grossglockner pass.

These not only serve for brake pad testing but will also indicate the possible influences of the brake pads on the entire brake system.

Vauxhall sets the standard that others follow.

Why risk fitting anything other than genuine?

Technical Tip

As a routine part of every service, always use a temperature test tool to check brake fluid condition. It’s by far the most accurate and also the quickest method – it takes no more than 30 seconds. Here’s a look at the critical boiling point temperatures to look for:

Boiling at 200oC

If the fluid boils at this temperature, it means it is marginal and due for changing. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing fluid every two years.

Boiling at 180oC

At this stage, brake fluid is dangerously contaminated and liable to induce brake failure. Statistically, research indicates you’ll be advising one in three of your customers that – for safety’s sake – their car’s brake fluid needs changing, now!

How can I order?

To order Vauxhall Genuine Parts contact your local Vauxhall Trade Parts Centre. Use the Retailer Locator to find their full contact details.

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